Hello! As the Winter Olympics are taking place in Sochi at the moment, we thought we’d write a bit about getting your kids involved and interested in winter sports.

There are plenty of places to take part in Winter Olympic themed sports. Ice Skating is one of the most common, and there are lots of places where you can all have a go at this. Here is a link to a list of Ice Rinks in the UK: Ice Rinks – why not have a go at skating this weekend? Don’t forget gloves for little fingers and if your tiny ones are really small, consider knee and elbow pads too! Dancing on Ice is on ITV on Sunday evenings at the moment too, so you can end the weekend by watching the celebs do it too!

Skiing is another activity that kids enjoy, and there are places, indoors and out, that cater for children. Skiing is great exercise, strengthens muscles and is fun too. My friend’s has been having lessons indoors at the local Skiplex and has already picked it up very well and enjoys it immensely. You can find your nearest Skiplex here: Skiplex UK

There are also many outdoor ski slopes around the country and you can turn up for a session much like to would at an Ice Rink. The surface of the outdoor slopes is harder than the indoor Skiplex ones, so again, consider knee and elbow pads for your child. A list of places to try dry slope skiing is here: Dry Slope Venues

The Winter Olympics are great viewing for sporty and non-sporty children alike, and can open up avenues of activity you may never have considered. Like myself, I know lots of children who have been glued to the coverage so far, especially liking the Luge!

Have a great Saturday whatever you have planned!

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February 15 2014

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