Hi again! Following on from our Soccer Skills post yesterday, today I’m going to show you two exercises designed for Primary School children, from our friends at TetraBrazil. Have fun trying these out!

Sole Sprints

The benefits: Ball Control, Balance and Speed of Feet

The Explanation

Whilst keeping the ball still, complete alternating touches/taps on the ball using the soles of the feet.




Increasing the speed will make the activity harder as will adding movement (tracking the ball forwards, backwards and sideways whilst completing the sole sprints at the same speed).

Set a 30-second challenge – how many alternating touches can be achieved within a 30-second time frame.

Wall Passing

The Benefits: Passing (weight and accuracy), Ball Control and Tactics

The Explanation

Find a wall or bench (see pic), start with two touch passing (one touch to control, one to pass) then try progressing to one touch passing from varying distances.



Stick a piece of A4 paper to the wall/bench, this becomes your target, give yourself a point every time you hit the target. How many points can be achieved in one minute?

Add even more competition by playing with a partner, alternating passes, making it harder for you opponent by passing harder or with more acute angles.

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December 22 2013

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