Hello – it’s finally here…Mother’s Day has landed!

Why not bake some scrummy cakes for Mum? Little ones can help by icing and decorating their own ones!

This recipe is Mummy iKidz standard fairy cake one which is easy to make and bake. It uses 3oz of each ingredient and this should be enough to make 12 individual cakes.


3oz Flour

3oz Sugar

3oz Cooking Margarine (we use Stork)

3 Eggs

Handful of Sultanas/Chocolate chips

Icing Sugar

Sparkles/Hundreds and Thousands/Toppers


Beat the egg, sugar and margarine together until smooth.

Gradually add the flour in and continue to mix.

Add your Sultanas or Choc Chips and stir in.

Turn out mixture into individual cup-cake cases. You can buy pretty pastel coloured ones.

Bake in a 12-hole bun tray for 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees – check every few minutes to make sure they are rising correctly.

Once cooked, take out and place on a wire tray to cool.

Once they are cool, you can ice them and decorate. If you make the mixture of icing sugar a little bit stiff, it is easier to spread (use a knife).

Then let the kids wild and let them decorate their cakes for Mum!

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March 30 2014

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