Hello again! Thanks for coming back…today we are showing you how to make a fairy to decorate your tree or house! Have fun making and doing and remember, we always love to see pictures of your finished work, so drop us a line and let us know how you got on!

Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing

Colouring In

Creative drawing (if not using templates)

Materials Needed:

1⁄2 large doily or 1⁄2 circle of white paper





OPTIONAL – glitter glue, sparkles, sequins, lace, cotton wool etc.


Build an Angel - Template 1

Build an Angel – Template 1

The Plan:

Colour in the template pieces of hand draw your own versions

Cut out the template pieces

Cut the doily in half (so you have 1⁄2 a circle)


Cut a piece of white paper into a circle and then cut in half.

If using paper you can decorate with sequins, cotton wool, glitter etc. (you can also add glitter etc. to the doily to enhance the look)

Using the 1⁄2 circle template, pull the one edge over to the one that says ‘glue here’ to make a cone shape

Tape or glue it so that it holds (tape works better and is quicker)

Glue the doily (or self made wings) onto the back of the coneGlue the head on to the top of the cone and the arms on to the sideDecorate the cone as required using glitter, sparkles, sequins etc.

Option: Increase the size of your Angel by copying the template onto A3 size paper

Have lots of Sunday fun!

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December 1 2013

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