Hello, thanks for coming back today! We have a fun cutting, building, painting and gluing project which will result in the creation of individual gift containers that children can give presents in or put out with their Christmas Stockings ready for Father Christmas to fill!

Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing, Colouring In, Painting and Creative drawing (if not using templates)

Materials Needed:

Milk/Juice Cartons (2 litre is good), Paper and Card ,Pencils/Crayons/Pens, Brown Paint, Scissors, Glue/Tape and finally, some old cereal boxes


Reindeer Gift Container - Template 1

Reindeer Gift Container – Template 1

The Plan:

Paint or colour in x2 sheets (should fit most milk/juice containers) in brown and leave to one side to dry. Try and encourage the children to add texture with their painting/colour to look like reindeer furColour in template pieces (or hand drawn own if prefer)

Cut out template pieces

Glue the antlers onto an old cereal box to increase the sturdiness of them

Cut the top off the milk/juice carton and wash out the inside (so it doesn’t smell!)

Cover the carton with the brown paper

Tape or glue the antlers to the inside of the carton

Tape or glue the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows onto the front of the carton

Cut out a strip of cardboard of construction paper about 10 inches long and glue/tape to the insides of the carton to use as a handle.

Have fun making your container!

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December 8 2013

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