This activity involves the creation of the snowman body and the decoration thereafter.

Skills Required:

Paper Mache building


Group Work

Materials Needed:


Paper Mache Paste

Newspaper (strips)

Material or felt (for scarf)

Masking Tape


Construction Paper

The Plan (session 1):

Prepare the paper mache paste and inflate the balloons (make sure one is smaller than the other) – if you’re feeling adventurous why not try building a triple layer snowman with three balloons!

Using masking tape, stick the two balloons together


Stick 5-6 layers of paper around the balloon (thin strips criss/crossed works best)

Make sure the last layer of paper mache is with plain white paper, this means you won’t have to paint the body white when it dries


Leave to dry for approx’ 24 hours, hang up and keep off table surfaces if possible

The Plan (session 2):

Burst the balloon and pull out the balloon bits

Time to decorate your snowman!

You can use paint, pens or construction paper to do this

Make the hat cut two circles out of black construction paper and then cut out a rectangle, create a cylinder by taping down the edge. The three hat pieces can then be stuck together and attached to the snowman

Cut out two black circles from construction paper and stick on for the eyes (or draw on with pen/paint)

Cut out four green circles from construction paper and stick on for the buttons (or draw on with pen/paint)

Use a small cone of orange construction paper for the nose

Use a hole punch to create lots of little black circles of construction paper, these can then be stuck on for the mouth

Material or felt can then be used to add a scarf

Voila! He (or she!) is ready to be displayed!

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December 15 2013

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