This is a fun cutting and gluing project resulting in the creation of Winter Trees that can be used as individual art or to decorate rooms.

Some finished examples:


Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing, Painting and Colouring In

Materials Needed:

Coloured Paint/Pens/PencilsColoured construction paper/card, Tissue Paper (white), Glue,Scissors

The Plan (Template Version):

Template 1

Template 1

Colour in the template snowflakes in various colours and using various mediums (paint, pens, pencils, crayons etc.)

Cut out the snowflakes – assist the children as required with this part.
Get the children to colour in the template tree trunk, cut out and stick on white backing paper.
Glue the snowflakes onto the tree.
Use crayons/pencils etc. to further decorate the page (snowman, Santa, reindeer etc.

The Plan (Tissue Paper Version):

Template 2

Template 2

Get the children to colour in the template tree trunk, cut out and stick on backing paper

Cut white tissue paper in 1.5inch squares

Scrunch the tissue paper up and glue onto the tree as required.

Using freehand drawing enhance the picture by adding snowman, Santa, reindeer etc.

Instead of using the tree template the children can use their hand to create to create their own tree!We’d love to see some of your artwork, please drop us a line with your pictures.

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November 17 2013

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