Hello here!  Today we have something a bit different for you to try – Smoothie Making!  Smoothies are a great, healthy breakfast idea and are easy and fun to make.  This is an activity which requires adult supervision at all times.

Ask a grown-up to buy your favourite fruit when they go shopping. Then ask them to help you prepare it. First, wash the fruit and then remove the peel, stones, pips and cores, depending on what you have chosen.

Next, carefully chop the fruit into small pieces – ask a grown-up to do this for you if you need to – and put it in a bowl. Use a fork or wooden spoon to mash it into a pulp. This might be a bit difficult, so ask a grown-up to help if your arms start to ache. Once the fruit is mashed, pour into a glass and drink. Delicious!

Variations: If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try adding a fruit you haven’t tried before, instead of just using your favourites. Or you could choose fruits of a particular colour – apple and kiwi, say, or orange and mango. If you have a blender, use this instead of the fork or wooden spoon.

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August 25 2013

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