Hello there! Following on from last week’s magic trick, here is another to totally dazzle your friends and family!

What you need:

A long sleeved shirt and a coin.


You need to wear a long sleeved shirt to do this magic trick.


Hold one arm vertically, bent at the elbow, palm facing outward, hand up level with your face (as if you are waving ‘hello’). Carefully place the coin into your sleeve, so that it sits just at your elbow. The long sleeved shirt should hold it in place. Practice dropping your hand down so that the coin slides out of your sleeve and you catch it.

The trick:

Tell your audience that you will now make a coin magically appear in your palm. First show them your empty palm, held up carefully so that your coin stays in place in your sleeve. Point to both empty hands. Show the audience you have absolutely nothing hidden in either of your hands.

Use your free hand (the one that won’t be catching the coin) to do some magic ‘abracadabra’ flourishes to distract everyone. As you say, ‘abracadabra’ drop your palm down, facing backwards and the coin should slip out of your sleeve and into your palm.

Quickly bring your palm back up and show everyone how a coin has magically appeared into your hand.

– Practice makes perfect. Make sure you practice catching the coin before you do it in front of an audience!

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July 14 2013

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