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This is a game for three or more people.

For this card game, players need four cards each. For three players, use all the aces, kings and queens. For four players, use the jacks too. For five players, use the tens, and so on.

1) Shuffle the cards and deal four cards to each player. Each player is trying to end up with four cards of the same value e.g. four kings.

2) Everyone says ‘1,2,3, pass’ then each person discards one card face down to the player on their left.

3) Each player picks up the new card, looks at it and decides which card to discard next.

4) The game continues with players discarding and picking up cards, until one player has four cards of the same value. That player has to touch their nose with their finger, trying to do it so that no one else notices.

5) When one player touches their nose, all the others should instantly do the same, as soon as they notice. The last person to touch their nose loses the game.

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June 16 2013

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