This week’s Sleepy Sunday Activity is a card game for one player. Sometimes the kids need to amuse themselves, particularly if they are an only child so spending a bit of time teaching them a few games like this will always mean they’ve got something fun to do.



This is a card game for one person. Remove all four tens from the deck before you start.

Deal nine cards face up on the table, in three rows of three cards. Hold the rest of the deck face down.

The aim of the game is to get rid of the rest of the cards by covering up any cards on the table that add up to nine.

If there is a nine on the table, cover it up using the top card from the deck. Place this card face up.

If two cards add up to nine, such as six and three, cover them with two more cards, face up.

If there is a king, a queen and a jack, you cover them up too. These cards are counted as if they add up to nine.

To win the game, keep on covering up the cards that add up to nine until you have used all your cards. If you get stuck because no cards on the table add up to nine, you can start the game again.

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February 17 2013

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