A game for two people.

1) One person thinks of a word, then writes a short line for each letter on a piece of paper like this: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2) The other person guesses a letter that might be in the word. If it is in the word, the first person writes it in, e.g. _ O P _ _ _

3) If it’s not in the word, they draw an egg shape for the mouse’s head and body.

4) The game continues with the second person guessing letters and the first one either writing them in, or drawing another part of the mouse (legs, arms, left ear, right ear, eyes, nose, mouth, tail).

5) The second person wins if they guess the word before the mouse is finished. If they guess the wrong word, another part of the mouse is added. If the first player manages to draw the whole mouse, they are the winner.

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April 21 2013

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