With Mother’s Day coming up next Sunday (handy reminder for any of you who haven’t had time to think of it yet!) we thought that this week’s Sleepy Sunday activity could be making a Mother’s Day card! By turning this into something fun to do, you can keep the kids entertained for ages, get their imagination going and also create a really personal card that shows just how much they care.



To make a card you will need some card (perhaps in a variety of colours), glue, paint, pens and any other craft items you think would come in handy such as ribbon, googly eyes, feathers, glitter, sequins, pom poms, etc.


Clear a surface and have a look through some of our examples for inspiration. These are some of our favourite ideas! Making a loose plan beforehand will mean the cards turn out better than just launching in. Make sure you leave the cards to dry and help your children to craft a lovely Mother’s Day message inside.


Have fun and don’t forget to wish your own mum Happy Mother’s Day next Sunday!

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March 3 2013

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