This is a game for three or more players.

1) Mark a line on the ground with a piece of chalk. Someone chooses to be the commander. They stand at the end of the line and everyone else stands with one foot either side of the line facing the commander.
2) The commander shout,s ‘land’, ‘sea’ or ‘air’.
3) If the commander shouts ‘land’ everyone jumps to the right of the line.
4) If the commander shouts ‘sea’ then everyone jumps to the left of the line.
5) If the commander shouts ‘air’ everyone must jump in the air and land with their feet either side of the line.
6) If ‘land’ or ‘sea’ is called twice in a row, everyone must stand still the second time. If the commander calls ‘air’ twice in a row everyone must jump up twice.
7) Anyone who touches the line or makes a mistake is out.
8) The last person still jumping is the winner and becomes the commander for the next game!

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February 10 2013

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