A game for three people.

1) Choose one person to be the referee. The other two people are the players.

2) The two players each choose a subject for the other person to talk about. This can be anything you like, e.g. cars, films, food, aliens or even someone you both know. The subjects can be as silly as you like.

3) When the referee says ‘go’ both players start talking about the subject that the other player has picked for them.

4) Both players have to keep talking for as long as they can, trying to ignore what the other person is talking about.

5) You’re not allowed to pause, say ‘um’ or ‘er’ or laugh. The referee listens carefully to make sure the players don’t do any of these things.

6) When the referee hears someone break the rules, they declare the other person the winner. The referee’s decision is final!

7) The loser becomes the referee for the next game and the referee gets to play.

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June 9 2013

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