A game for two or more people.

Can be played inside or outside. You’ll need a small object like a pencil or a coin, or something else that can be easily hidden.

1) Choose one person to be the seeker. They must leave the room or be in a position where they can’t hear or see what is going on.

2) One of the other players hides the object somewhere in the room.

3) When the object has been hidden, the players call the seeker back into the room. The seeker has to try to find the hidden object by moving slowly around the room. When they move away from the object everyone shouts ‘colder’, ‘very cold’ or ‘freezing’. When they get closer everyone shouts ‘warmer’, ‘hotter’ or ‘boiling hot’. The seeker uses these directions to get closer and closer to the object until they find it.

4) Keep swapping the seekers around.

ADD COMPETITION: Time how long it takes each person to find the object and create a leader board to record the quickest times.

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May 19 2013

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