A game for two or more people.

1) Deal four cards to each player and put the rest of the cards face down in a big pile.

2) Everyone looks at their cards, keeping them hidden from the others. The first person chooses another player and asks if they have a card that is the same value as one of their cards. They can’t ask for a card they already have.

3) If the player asked does have a card they must give it to them. If they have more than one of that value, then they must hand them all over. The first person then gets to continue by asking any of the other players for another card.

4) If the player they ask does not have the card, they say ‘go fish’ and the first person has to pick up a card from the big pile. Then it is the next person’s turn.

5) Once a player has a set of four cards, they put them aside. If they have no cards left, then they take one from the big pile to stay in the game.

6) The winner is the person who has the most sets of four at the end of the game.

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March 17 2013

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