A game for two or more people.

For this game of catch, you need a ball. Players should stand a little way from each other. If there are more than two players, everyone should stand in a circle.

1) Take turns throwing the ball to each other.

2) If a player doesn’t manage to catch the ball, the other players shout ‘down on one knee’ and that player has to continue the game kneeling with one knee on the ground.

3) If that player drops the ball again, the other players shout ‘one hand behind your back’ and they have to continue playing on one knee and with one hand behind their back, still trying to catch the ball.

4) The next time the same player drops the ball, everyone shouts ‘one eye closed’ and they have to try and catch the ball on one knee, with one hand behind their back and with one eye closed.

5) If the same player drops the ball again, they are out of the game. The last person left in the game is the winner.

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June 2 2013

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