Have fun playing this Sleepy Sunday game which is for two or more people.

For this card game, take three of the four aces out of the deck before you play. Deal the cards out equally between players.

1) Anyone who has a pair of cards of the same value places them face down in front of them.

2) The dealer turns to the person on their left and lets them take a card from their hand, without looking at it first. If that card completes a pair in their own hand, the player places them face down.

3) The next person takes a card from that player. The game continues with each player taking a card from the person to their right, trying to discard pairs of cards.

4) As soon as a player has no cards left in their hands, they are out of the game. They are safe!

5) There is only one ace, so it can’t make a pair. Whoever is left with it at the end of the game is the loser.

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May 12 2013

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