This week’s Sleepy Sunday game has an animal theme and in particular making the sound of different animals so whilst it may be a low energy game without any running around it can get noisy! But that will surely keep you laughing.

Baa! Woof!
This is a game for three or more people.

1) Everyone sits in a circle. Each player chooses an animal noise such as ‘miaow’, ‘baa’ or ‘woof’ and says it out loud.

2) The first person starts by making their animal noise, then choosing another person and making their noise too.

3) That person has to repeat the two noises, and then choose another person’s noise to make. They can choose any other player they want, even the one who has just chosen them.

4) The game continues with each player making the correct sequence of noises followed by someone else’s. If anyone says the wrong animal noises, or says them in the wrong order, they are out of the game.

5) The winner is the last person left in the game. You can run the game with lives also so no one has to sit out for long.

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February 3 2013

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