We hope you’ve had a great weekend and getting ready for Christmas! Our low energy game for this week is called:

What Are You Doing?

All players should sit in a circle.

1. The first person to start pretends to do an action like brushing their teeth or cooking dinner.

2. The person sitting next to them asks, ‘What are you doing?’

3. The first person has to say something different to what they have been miming. E.g. playing a computer game.

4. The second person then has to mime playing a computer game. The the next person in the circle asks, ‘What are you doing?’. The reply is again something other than what they were actually miming (the sillier the better!).

5. The game continues with each person doing the action the player before them says.

6. If anyone makes a mistake they are out of the game!

TIP: The game is much harder and more fun if you try to play as quickly as possible!

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December 29 2013

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