Phew! Just back from the gym and feeling pretty relaxed and sleepy myself so hope you’re ready to unwind with the kids too and try out this week’s low energy activity.

The Wall Ball Game

You will need: a tennis ball and a wall for the players to stand against.

1.Choose one person to be the thrower and the other players all stand side by side with their backs to the wall.
2. Put a coat, jumper or other marker at the ends of the line of players to mark the boundaries.
3. The thrower throws or rolls the ball along the ground to try and make contact with one of the players below the knee.
4. The players jump and dodge the ball to try and avoid being hit.
5. When someone gets hit they become the thrower instead and swap places with the original thrower. They also lose a ‘life’.
6. Everyone starts with 5 lives.
7. The game finishes when the first person loses all their lives.

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November 11 2012

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