Hi everyone, we’re hoping by now you should all be recovered from New Years Eve now and probably getting going with your new year’s resolutions. However, as it’s Sunday, why not keep things low key with the kids today and try out this week’s sleepy Sunday activity!



This is a card game for two people.

1. Deal out a pack of cards equally between two players. The players sit opposite each other and both make a row of five piles of cards in front of them. Each pile should have three cards with the top card facing up.

2. Each player puts their other cards in a big pile to their left, then places the top card of this pile face up in the middle.

3. The aim of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your five piles by placing them on either of the cards in the middle as quickly as possible.

4. You can only put down cards directly higher or lower than the cards in the middle. E.g. If one middle card was an ace, either of the players could put a king or two on top. You must use the top card of a pile before turning over the one below.

5. If neither player can go, then both players turn over another card from their big pile.

6. The first person to use all the cards from their five piles must ‘slam’ their hand on the table to win!

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January 6 2013

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