This week’s Sleepy Sunday activity is one of our favourites:


Question Catch

This is a game for two or more people and you will need a ball. Everyone spreads out in a circle and not too close together. Each player starts with three ‘lives’.

1. The first player thinks of a simple questions such as, ‘what is a baby cat called?’ or ‘what is the capital of England?’. They choose another player at random, say their name and ask the question out loud, then throw them the ball.

2. The person being thrown the ball must answer the question as the ball is thrown to them or as they catch the ball.

3. If the person who is receiving the ball has not answered their question in time or don’t manage to catch the ball, they lose a ‘life’.

4. The game continues and the winner is the last player with any ‘lives’ left.

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December 23 2012

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