Here’s the last Sleepy Sunday activity of 2012! There will be an additional sleepy game on New Year’s Day for all those parents out there who may have overdone it the night before, but still need to keep the kids quietly amused. But, today it’s:


This is a game for three or more players and requires a deck of cards.

1. Deal three cards to each player and lay the rest of the deck face down in the middle. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.

2. To start, one player puts a card (or cards) with the lowest value face up on the table. They take the same number of cards from the rest of the deck.

3. The next player has to put down cards with the same value or higher than those put down by the first player that is face up. There are three special cards that can be played at any time no matter what card is face up. If a 10 is played, the whole pile goes out of play and is set aside. Aces have the highest value and can therefore be put on top of any other card. A 2 can also be played at any time.

4. The game continues with players taking it in turns to play a card. If a player cannot beat the card on top of the pile, they must take the whole pile.

5. The last person left holding any cards is a ‘numpty’ and loses the game!

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December 30 2012

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