We hope you’ve had a great week. Here’s this week’s Sleepy Sunday activity to finish it off with a bit of laid back fun with your children.

Clapping Catch

Clapping Catch is a ball game. Each player has three ‘lives’ at the start of the game. Everyone should stand approximately five paces away from each other. Stand in a circle if there are more than two players.

Choose someone to start the game by throwing the ball to the person next to them. At the same time, they should call out a number between one and five. The person who the ball is thrown to needs to clap the number of times called out to them before catching the ball.

If the next player manages to clap the correct number of times AND catch the ball the can throw the ball to the next player and call out a number from one to five. If they don’t manage it, they lose a ‘life’.

When a player has lost all their ‘lives’ they are out. The winner is the last person to be left in the game.

To make the game harder, try throwing the ball to any other player rather than the person next to you.

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October 28 2012

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