Time to finish this week off with our Sleepy Sunday Activity, which is a simple card game this week called:


Deal out a pack of cards equally amongst all players. Players are allowed to look at their own cards. One player puts two, three or four cards, face down, in the middle and says out loud what they are. The cards need to be the same value, e.g. three tens or just any three cards, but the player has to pretend they have put down cards of the same value even if they are cheating by putting random cards down!  If any other player things they are cheating they must say, ‘Cheat!’. If the player who placed the cards down was cheating they must collect all the cards in the middle. If they weren’t cheating, the person who called out, ‘Cheat!’ must collect all the cards from the middle.

If no one calls, ‘Cheat!’ the game continues with the next player placing their cards down and everyone takes it in turns either telling the truth or cheating. The winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards!

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November 4 2012

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