Last week we introduced our Active Saturday! games series, where each week we’ll be suggesting a new, physical game you can play with your kids at home or they can be used by children’s fitness professionals in structured fitness or coaching sessions. Most of us still probably appreciate a laid back Sunday where we can recover from the rushing around during the rest of the week. At the same time, most of us probably appreciate that children have boundless energy and even when they’re not running around, they still need games and activities to keep their minds whirring, without which, we risk hearing the dreaded phrase “I’m bored”. Our Sleepy Sunday Activities will be on hand each week to provide low energy, simple, creative and above all, fun activity ideas to keep your little ones occupied, whilst providing you with some low key, family time that doesn’t tire you out!

These games may also be useful for teachers and other children’s professionals looking for creative and simple games for the children they oversee. For example, a rainy lunchtime may mean keeping the children indoors during their break, so these activities may come in handy!

This week, we look at a game called:


This is a card game for two people.

Share out the cards equally between both players. Each player fans out their cards so only they can see them. The first player puts down any card they choose in the middle, face up. Either player can put down the next card but it must either be the same value as the card already placed in the middle or the same suit (spade, club, heart, diamond). Both players race to get their cards down the fastest and the winner is the first to get rid of all their cards.

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October 14 2012

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