Welcome to 2013!

We know many of you may be nursing sore heads this morning, but your children certainly won’t be. The likelihood is they’re full of beans and excited about the new year or they might be growing restless and bored from being on holiday for so long. We’ve got a fun and most importantly, quiet game you can try out with the kids today. It’s very little effort and something they could even amuse themselves with. It is:


What Is It?

For this game you will need pens/pencils and paper.

1. Choose someone to draw first. The other players should sit either side of the draw-er and make sure they can see the paper easily.

2. The person drawing thinks of an object such as a boat. Avoid anything too easy that the others will guess straight away.

3. Once the player doing the drawing has begun, the others can start guessing what it is.

4. The person who guesses correctly gets to draw next and gets a point! The winner is the player with the most points. You can play best of 10 or however many go’s as you like.

To make it more difficult, why not get the person drawing to do it with their eyes closed!

If you’ve tried this and still feel you have a long day ahead of you, click here to look back through all of our quiet games so far.

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January 1 2013

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