Hello, hope you’re having a great weekend so far.

Today we are going to take a break from all the Christmas craft ideas and activities and show you some simple football-related drills you can do with the children this weekend.

These two exercises are from our friends at TinyTykes and are aimed at pre-school children. The principle of the TinyTykes programme is to improve your child’s basic motor skills, whilst also developing the child’s physical, Psychological and social development. The aim is to give children a good physical and social foundation to start soccer training. Have some fun today, wrap up warm and get out there, the children will love it!

Outside Push Pass – Skill Level 1

The Benefits: Passing (weight & accuracy), Balance, Co-Ordination & Concentration

The Explanation

Place the ball by the side of the child’s foot, take a couple of steps back and get them to push pass the ball to you with the outside of their foot. Practice five passes with one foot then switch.




Rather than have the ball placed right by the child’s foot, have it a short distance away so that they need to step into the ball before push passing it to you.

Place a skittle or cone in a location (could even be at a slight angle) to increase accuracy.

Cone Balances

The Explanation:

Get your child to balance a marker cone on their head (or something similar) whilst completing some simple movements/freezes. For example, on one leg, standing up/sitting down, walking around a slalom of cones etc.



You can make the movements and exercises more difficult as your child progresses, increasing speed and distance will obviously make it harder.

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December 21 2013

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