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Hi, Happy Saturday! Today we are sticking with the kitchen craft theme and showing you how to make these fun pasta place cards. Remember to check us tomorrow for a recipe to go with them – you can make them and then set the table for your family and have a tasty treat together!

What you Need:

Pinking Shears/Decorative scissors (These are available at craft shops and should be used by adults only).



PVA Glue

Alphabet Pasta

How to Make:

To make each card, use the pinking shears to cut a 2- by 3-inch piece of card

With a toothpick, apply your glue to the back of alphabet pasta pieces, then press them into place. Let the glue dry. Simple!

We bought our pasta from Waitrose for £2.99 for 500g.

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March 1 2014

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