Hi, here are some instructions on how to make a paper chef’s hat for your budding young cook to wear while helping you whip up some tasty treats! Let us know how you get on – we always love to see pictures and check back tomorrow for an opportunity to wear it!

Cut the paper to size.
Select white poster board, construction paper or other fairly sturdy paper and cut it to measure 26 inches (66 cm) long and 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) high. This becomes the hat band.

Prepare the tissue paper.
Fold 3 large sheets of tissue paper in half the long way, but keep the sheets separate from each other.

Tape the edges.
Tape one of the short edges of the folded tissue paper at one end of the hat band. Then continue taping the other two sheets of tissue paper in a similar fashion making sure to slightly overlap the previous sheet of tissue paper as you tape the next one.

Adjust the hat size.
Hold the hat band with the taped side facing outward and place it around the chef’s head and use paperclips to hold it in position. Remove the hat from the chef’s head and trim off any excess from the hat band with scissors. Tape the loose end of the hat band to the hat band and remove the paperclips.

Finish the bulbous top of the hat.
Holding the hat upside down, tape the loose ends of the folded tissue paper to the inside of the hat band, directly across from the first taped end. Continue with the remaining folded pieces of tissue paper, overlapping them slightly.

Puff the tissue top of the hat and finish.
Turn the hat right side up and puff the tissue paper to form the bulbous top of the chef’s hat. Place it on the chef’s head and you’re all finished.

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February 22 2014

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