Hello – hope you’re having a great weekend so far. It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and for all those out there who haven’t yet bought or made something, here is an idea which is easy to make with little ones (from 2 upwards) and which will make mum feel special all day – Make her a crown so she can be Queen for a day!

What you Need




Bits of offcut fabric

Small Buttons

Sequins and glitter


How to Make

To create the crowns, first create a big zig zaggy line across the paper to create 2 pieces from a piece of card. You could also put two pieces together or fold the paper in half to create more equal sized crown pieces.

For my head I needed 3 crown pieces, but for most children you would just need 2 pieces to make it long enough.

Once you’ve cut the crown pieces out, you need to either staple them or glue them together.

Then the fun bit starts – let your child go wild with the sequins, buttons, fabric and sparkly stuff and create a crown fit for a queen!
We’d love to see how you get on…

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March 29 2014

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