Hello there and happy Saturday to you!

Here are ten more ideas of things for you to do today. Remember to check back tomorrow to see how to make/do one of them in more detail!

Learn a Christmas song for the whole family to sing, or learn to play it on the piano or guitar.

Make and decorate some Gingerbread people.

Go and look at the Christmas lights – there are sure to be lots in your town!

Find or buy your stockings ready for Father Christmas to fill them.

Make some Reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas eve – Use porridge oats and green and red sprinkles or glitter – mix in a bowl and then load into small jars (you can tie pretty ribbon and circles of fabric to the lid for extra effect) – perfect as gifts for friends before the big day too!

Plan a visit to Father Christmas in his grotto (he will be visiting most large shopping centres I’m told!)

Read a Christmassy bedtime story every night before sleepy time – the library is a great place to find a few books which appeal.

Start a family tradition – in our house, it’s new pajamas given on Christmas Eve to wear that night – but it could be anything, such as hanging the stockings out together or preparing a snack to leave out for Father Christmas and his Reindeer.

Have a go at making some unusual boxes and containers to put your gifts in.

And finally – did you realise you can track Father Christmas? The NORAD website was set up by the North American Aerospace Defense Command years ago and allows you to track the sleigh’s progress on Christmas Eve but there is plenty to look at on the site now – including games, music and a movie theatre! NORAD

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December 7 2013

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