Hello and welcome back! Today I have more New Year resolution suggestions for you. Hope you find them useful and maybe a bit inspirational!

* We will share a family meal at least once a day whenever possible.

* We will walk or cycle to school if practical to do so.

* We will not use food as a reward for good behaviour – instead we can make a star chart and allow the child to pick a small toy if the outcome of their behaviour was desirable at the end of the week.

* We will limit the amount of screen time we all have. Set a reasonable time limit for access to the iPad/TV/Computer and stick to it. This includes parents too. Recent shenanigans in our house on this issue resulted in a limit of 20 minutes use twice a day.

* We will make sure we take time to wash our hands before each meal – a little thing but a great habit to get into.

* We will feed their minds as well as their bodies – ask your child what they’d like to learn about that month and then take time to help them find out more – a visit to the library or a museum will be fun and educational.

Do let me know if you found any of these helpful, we always love feedback!

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January 5 2014

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