Are computer games responsible for the return of rickets?

Rickets is a crippling bone disease caused by a severe vitamin D deficiency in children; either they’re not getting enough sunlight (a powerful and natural source of it) or their diet is poor – although it’s more likely to be a combination of both!

A recent study on more than 200 children in Southampton has shown that one in five has the disease; a shocking sign considering it was thought to have been wiped out in Britain in the 1930’s.

So is the video games culture going to take the blame for another health concern or are there other culprits? It’s fair to say that a child spending multiple hours in their room playing computer games is not going to help, but the growing decrease in children playing outside is also another contributing factor along with everyone’s favourite… poor diet!

What can be done? Well, that’s the simple one… 20 minutes a day of exposure to natural sunlight and a balanced diet that includes good sources of vitamin D (oily fish, dairy and eggs) will contribute to the body metabolising vitamin D and keeping rickets a bay!

Top Tips:
Just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean children can’t wrap up warm and play in the garden. How about playing ‘Umbrella Frisbee’? You need small umbrellas (not open!), through the Frisbee as normal but instead of catching it with you hands try and catch it on the umbrella!

Everyone loves soldiers! Once a week why not have toast soldiers dunked in runny boiled eggs? A great source of vitamin D and health warm breakfast to see you through a cold winter morning! Once you’ve finished turn the shell upside down and draw a cartoon character on the shell!

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April 3 2015