This week we are revisiting one of our popular posts from last Halloween. This craft idea is to get you making some pumpkin characters. The great thing about these is that you don’t need to lug heavy pumpkins around to make our fantastic Halloween bottle characters in the alternative we provide to the real pumpkin characters below:

Pumpkin Characters



A fun cutting, building, painting and gluing project resulting in the creation of funky pumpkin characters that children can use to decorate the house! Different size bottles and pumpkins can be used to create Pumpkin Families!

Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing
Use of Paint
Colouring In
Creative Designing / Building

Materials Needed:

Plastic Bottles (2L works best but different sizes can be used)
Orange Paint
Felt (Yellow and Green works well but children can experiment with different colours)
String / Wool
Wiggly Eyes


The Plan (Bottles):

Pour paint into the bottle and add a little water, put the lid on and shake the bottle to distribute the paint evenly around the inside

Draw template noses, eyes, mouths and eyebrows on paper (to practice) then replicate using felt before sticking onto the bottle

Cut out a circle of green felt and tie over the bottle top with string/twine


The characters can be created using real pumpkins in an activity that doesn’t involve cutting them with knives. Using felt, wiggly eyes and wool funky characters can be created!

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October 13 2013

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