handprint-bats-photo-1Thanks for sticking with us this afternoon while we present our series of Halloween Craft Ideas. You can look back through all five of them here. We hope it’s given you some great ideas about how you can have a spooky and fun Halloween! It may help to stem the flow of chocolate and sweets, but then, indulging once in a while isn’t such a bad thing. Let us know how you get on trying these out and send us your photos! Here is the final craft idea for today:

Handprint Bats


A fun cutting, painting and gluing project resulting in the creation of individual bats that children can use to decorate your home.

Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing
Colouring In
Creative drawing (if not using templates)

Materials Needed:



Handprint Bats Template 1

The Plan:

Colour in the template pieces or get your children to draw and colour in their own
Cut out the bat pieces
Get your children to draw around the outline of their two hands (use black or brown card for this)
Glue the bat together:

Glue the head to the body
Glue the face onto the head
Glue the legs onto the bottom of the body
Glue the handprint wings onto the back of the body
Glue the flower by an ear, wing or beside the neck

The handprint bats can be suspended from the ceiling using elastic, great for decorating your living room!

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October 31 2012

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