Happy Halloween Everyone! We hope you’re all getting ready to get dressed up in ghoulish costumes and go out trick or treating in a few days!

We’ve got a selection of fantastic and simple craft ideas just to make your Halloween extra fun!

Build a Bat


A fun cutting, building, painting and gluing project resulting in the creation of individual bats that children can use to decorate the house!

Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing
Colouring In
Creative drawing (if not using templates)

Materials Needed:

Toilet Roll


Click the links below to access the templates:

Build a Bat Template 1
Build a Bat Template 2

The Plan:

Print out the templates by downloading them to your computer, opening them as a PDF and the selecting ‘print’. Print as many copies as needed. Colour in the template pieces or get your children to draw and colour in their own.
Cut out the bat pieces

Glue the bat together:
Glue the large rectangular piece around the toilet paper tube
Glue the head onto the front of the toilet paper tube
Glue the wings onto the back of the toilet paper tube
Glue the feet onto the bottom of the toilet paper tube

The bats can be suspended from the ceiling using elastic, great for decorating your living room

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October 27 2013

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