Obesity is rising and that’s a fact. And when it comes to kids, it becomes more of a concern in today’s technology-driven world. This is where sports make a difference. Physically active kids make for healthy kids with strong bones and loads of stamina. But not all children are naturally sporty or athletic. There is a clear need for a fitness regime that has to become a lifestyle habit with children, where sports are seen as a fun thing to do.

Start the process at home

It can’t all be done with a sports or physical activity/instructor or coach at school alone. Expose your baby to sports from a very young age by allowing him to watch an older child play regularly. As a parent, involve yourself in alternate games with your child. Shoot a few baskets, go cycling together, and get into daily jogging routine or other games so they don’t get bored with the same activity. Avoid using the car wherever possible and walk short distances with your child. And what’s important is to make sure you convey the message that you’re doing fun things together.

Be supportive and encouraging

Organized games can sometimes put off children. A lot of young kids feel inadequate when you suddenly put them in a team environment which is also competitive. And trying to “motivate” a very young child will in all probability put him off any sport for life. It’s about teaching them through practice so they enjoy the game which in turn will help boost confidence levels. Be supportive and encouraging till your child is more comfortable with any game he shows interest in.

Make games a daily activity

Kids need at least an hour and a half of physical activity daily to keep them fit and flexible. Different games teach them different things while allowing them to stay fit. Football is a great game for aggressive and naturally competitive children and allows them to focus on a goal. Swimming is something even a young baby enjoys while facilitating flexibility of limbs. Volleyball boosts eye hand coordination and improves reflexes and responses. Basketball makes for great cardiovascular fitness.

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July 17 2013

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