Hello again….here we are with some more Fitness For Life games. Hope you have fun trying them out!

Tomato Tag

The Tomatoes vs The Farmers. When a farmer tags a tomato the tomato squats down low with hands on head (shouting ‘squash me’). To be rescued, another tomato must lightly push down on the tomato and make a raspberry noise!

Cardio Skip

Get the children into pairs. Each pair needs a skipping rope. On the command of the coach the first child completes 20­‐ seconds of skipping, before handing over to their partner for 20-‐seconds, the rope goes back to the first child who completes a further 30‐seconds. The 0me increases un0l each child completes a minute of skipping on their final go.

Here, There, Everywhere

Get the children into one line, behind each other, facing the coach at the front. Place a cone at the front (called ‘Here’), place another 5‐metres away to the right of the line (called ‘There’) and place a final one to the left of the line (called ‘Everywhere’). The coach calls out Here, There or Everywhere and the children run to the correct line in the same order.

Parachute Beach Ball

Get the children around a large parachute with a number of beach balls on top. Split the group down the middle (Team A and B). Team A has to try and bounce the beach balls off the parachute on Team B’s side and Team B does vice‐versa. The winning team is the one with least points deducted. Children can try and keep beach balls on by using their heads or hands

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February 1 2014

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