Hi there, hope you are having a great weekend so far, here are some more kids exercises for you to try. These focus on strength.

Follow the Leader

Group splits into teams of 5‐10, who run around the area in a line in the style the leader commands (jumping, crawling, one­‐ legged etc.), when the coach shouts out ‘change’, the person at the back runs to the front and the group continues.

Army Crawl

Set out lines of cones about 4­‐5 metres apart. Children complete this ac0vity in relay format, starting once the child in front has turned over 2 cones. Children crawl on hands and feet keeping as low as they can. Each time they reach a cone they must turn it over. When the coach shouts ‘freeze’ the children hold a static plank position until the coach shouts ‘all clear’. Once children have reached the end of the line, they can stand up and return to the back of the queue.

Wheelbarrow Races

Get the children into pairs (similar size and ability) on one side of a marked out grid (about 10 metres). It’s not a race, it’s about the number of hand touch-­‐downs that can be completed before switching over (at least 20 needed).

Crab Races

Complete as a relay race with children in small groups (3‐5). The children have to walk on all fours, with their stomachs facing up, up and around a cone 5-­‐10 metres away before standing up and running back to high­‐five their partner who then completes the same exercise.

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January 26 2014

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