Hi there! We are following on from last weekend with some Fitness 4 Life exercises. Have fun!

Bridge Tag

Split the children into two teams called Boats and Jet Skies. When a boat tags a jet ski the jet ski morphs into bridge (hands and feet down with arched back shouting, ‘save me’). To be rescued, another jet ski must dive underneath the bridge).

4-Minute Carry Race

Get all the children into one group and complete a medium ‐ paced 4­‐minute run whilst carrying their school bag (if not too heavy!) around a field, playground or sports hall. If it becomes difficult to keep the group together split into a medium‐paced and a slow‐paced group.

Press-Up Challenge

Completed in pairs, partner one completes 1 press­‐up (other partner is res0ng), partner two completes 1 press‐up, then partner one completes 2 press­‐ups, followed by partner two, the number of press‐ups increases across the 4‐minute activity.


Split the group into teams (you may have to play more than one game dependant on group size). Play a conventional game of dodgeball with focus on throwing skills and speed of throws.

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January 25 2014

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