Hi, and welcome to Sunday’s serving of fitness fun. Today’s sessions are based on co-ordination.

Session 1 – Number Run

Children run in random direc0ons around the area, comple0ng number tasks on the command of the coach; e.g. 1= touch left hand on floor, 2= right hand, 3= both hands, 4= jump with both hands high, 5= hop on left, 6= hop on right.

Session 2 – Speed Catching

The children get into circles of about 8 children, each with a ball. On the command of the coach, the children have to pass the ball all the way around the circle and sit down. Op0ons include condi0oning type of throw (e.g. right‐hand only) or spacing the children out.

Session 3 – Passing Pals

The children pair up and face their partner about 1‐2 metres apart (make sure they’re in two straight lines to assist with group control). The coach calls out a number and the children have to pass the ball that number of cones before sitting down. Other options include kicking.

Session 4 – Team Bucket Ball

Split the children into 4 teams and fill a bucket or big dustbin full of balls of different sizes and types is ideal. Place 4 hoops or small buckets in each corner of the area. Each team represents a corner (colour, team name, etc.). The coach stands in the middle of the area at the start with each team stood by their bucket/hoop. The coach emp0es the bucket of balls in a random way across the area. As soon as the coach does this the children run into the zone and collect as many balls as they can and put them back into their bucket/hoop.

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January 19 2014

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