Hi there! iKidz are working with some schools in London with the ‘Fitness for Life’ programme, which we have developed to help children, teachers, schools and parents gain a greater understanding of physical fitness.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be showcasing some of the sessions the children in our schools have been participating in and I hope that you will consider trying them out with your own children or pupils.

Today we are focusing on Cardio exercises.

Session 1 – Banana Tag Warm Up

The Monkeys vs The Bananas ­‐ when a monkey tags a banana the banana stands as tall as it can with hands in the air (shouting ‘peel me’). To be rescued, another banana must stretch up and unpeel the banana.

Session 2 – Shuttle Runs

Lay 2 cones on the ground 20‐metres apart and have the children run between them for 1­‐minute touching the floor at each end, rest for 30­‐seconds then repeat, rest for 30­‐seconds and repeat a third and final 0ne.

Session 3 – Side Shuttles

As above but side shuffles, right foot leads one way and left foot leads the other.

Session 4 – Cups & Saucers

Split the group into teams who play against each other in quick­‐ fire games. One team is Cups and the other is Saucers. Team Saucers have to run around the area turning all cones into saucers (normal way up) whilst Team Cups have to run around turning the cones into cups (upside‐down). The winning team gets a point, the two teams with the most points at the end play a Championship decider!

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January 18 2014

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