Hello! Here we are again with another crafty idea for Easter! Have fun and get creative with this Bunny Mask.


small paper plate

pink card



craft glue

white card

large fawn pompom

3 x white chenille sticks

pink painty pen

Step 1

Put plate up to face and mark holes for eyes and holes at the sides for the elastic. Cut out eye holes and little holes (if you are too little for scissors an adult can help you with this). Thread and tie the elastic.

Step 2

Cut out ears from the white card and glue to the top of the mask. Cut smaller ears from pink card and glue in the centre of the white ears.

Step 3

Twist the three chenille sticks together in the centre and glue to the mask for whiskers. Glue the pompom nose on top. Draw a mouth using the pink painty pen. Now have fun wearing your mask.

Thanks to kidspot.com.au

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April 12 2014

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