Here we have another Easter craft for you to try!
Skills Required:

Minimal drawing
Hand printing

Materials Needed:

Paper (In varying colours if you like or use card to make Easter cards)
A black felt tip pen
Orange and yellow paint



Get your child to make some handprints on a piece of paper using the yellow paint. Ensure the fingers are pointing towards the top of the picture.

Once the yellow paint is dry, they can then create the orange beak by doing a thumb print or using a paintbrush.

Once all the paint is dry, you or your child can add the finishing touches using the black pen. Draw two dots for eyes, two curved lines to mark the wings and two little legs sticking out the bottom.

You can try this with other animals such as bunny rabbits if the hand print is in white and the print is done on the side. Or turn them into sheep with white paint and a horizontal hand print too!

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April 19 2014

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