Here is another craft idea! Our Easter cones! They’re easy to make and can be used to put an egg in special packaging and are great for hanging around the house for the kids to hunt down.

Here we’re going to tell you eggactly (sorry) how to make these eggcellent (I’ll stop now) little baskets. Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket though. Below we’ll show you how to make a rabbit and a chick basket.


Skills Required:


Materials Needed:

Pink and yellow card (or in other colours if you have ideas of other baskets you’d like to make!)
2x pairs of googley eyes
Something circular to draw round/Pair of compasses
Orange paper or felt
A small pom pom
Coloured tissue paper
A white piece of paper
Sticky tape
A hole punch



For the cone, take your piece of card and draw round something circular or use compasses to draw a circle. The bigger the circle, the bigger the cone you’ll make.

Cut out the circle, make a dot in the middle and carefully cut in a straight line from the edge of the circle to the middle point. Fold the paper round on itself to form the cone shape. The further you fold it round, the narrower your cone will be. Secure with sticky tape.

Take the hole punch and make two holes near the opening of the cone directly opposite each other. Thread the ribbon through the holes to make the handle and tie them securely.

Take the tissue paper and shred it into fine strips. Pack some into the opening of the cone. This will form a nice bed for the egg to sit on or look like the hair of the animal! Or the top of a carrot!

Glue to googley eyes on the opposite side of the cone that was taped in place.

For the chick, cut a triangle of orange card or felt pointing downwards below the eyes to form the beak. Then cut two ear shapes to glue to the side of the head. Be sure to leave a little extra tab of card so you can fold it over and use that to glue it on with.

For the rabbit, cut three long, thin strips of paper and glue them below the eyes to form the whiskers. They should be fanned out. Then glue the small pom pom where the strips of paper cross over in the middle to form the nose! Cut two long, rabbit ear shapes out of the same card you used to make the cone and glue to the inside of the cone. Use a pen to draw more detail onto the ears if desired.

You can make other eggceptional cones that look like carrots, lambs or whatever you can think of! Hang them up with their own little eggs in and they’ll look lovely!

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April 20 2014

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