Hello there! This week we have another great craft idea for you to try out. Make this great pencil holder than you can decorate just the way you want it – experiment with colours and shapes and have fun!



Food canister or tub (small Pringles can or ice cream tub)
Yellow craft foam
Star-shaped craft punch
Dark blue acrylic paint
Paint brush
Silver glitter

1. Find a suitable base for your pencil holder. Canisters, ice cream tubs, or any tube-shaped container will do.

2. Paint the container with dark blue acrylic paint.

3. Sprinkle silver glitter while the paint is still wet. If the paint dries right away, you can brush over a layer of glitter glue instead.

4. Make small star shapes from craft foam with a star-shaped craft punch. You can cut your own stars, or use star stickers.

5. Glue the stars all around the painted canister.

6. Once everything dries, put your pencils, pens and scissors inside your starry pencil holder.

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May 11 2013

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