Hello! We hope that you’re enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine this week. Our Active Saturday series has come to an end so for the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you some great making and doing ideas for you to try out!



Children will be able to build a butterfly that can be taken home and hung from the ceiling in their bedroom. They can also have string attached and be hung from the ceiling to decorate the club room.

Skills Required:

Cutting and Gluing
Colouring In
Creative drawing/designing

Materials Needed:

Cardboard Paper Tube
Craft Glue
Foam Sheets or Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaners


The Plan:

1. Draw or trace a butterfly on a foam sheet or from construction paper (Note – make sure to leave room in the middle of the butterfly for the cardboard tube!)
2. Paint the cardboard tube and allow to dry
3. Decorate the butterfly with foam/construction paper embellishments or marker pen designs (as desired)
4. Glue the cardboard tube into the centre of the butterfly
5. Create a small hole in the top centre of the cardboard tube ready to put in pipe cleaners as antennae
6. Finish decorating body of butterfly as required
7. Attach string or elastic for secure to ceiling

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May 4 2013

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